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Gol Messi!

Went to see FC Barcelona — Atletico Bilbao with my 5-year old son. His first response back at home when he heard we’re heading to Barcelona was “Does Messi play there?” Luckily there was a home game during our stay and I bought the tickets. Now it was just Messi’s turn to fulfill his part.

We got a great view and an unforgettable Camp Nou experience. This was the first ever live-game for my son. And it looked like an easy one for Barca… Villa scored just 3 minutes from the whistle and minutes later he shakes the crossbar. I keep on repeating Iniesta to my son, diagnosis he kind of makes the play. Messi had a few moments but later in the first half looked like this may not be his day. Loses ball, no rx slips to the green. Too bad, this is just another league game I’m thinking. Barcelona is happy with 1-0.

As we struggle with half time hod dogs the game continues. I’m hearing the stadion whistle. We rush back to see a sudden penalty kick from Atletico at 50 minutes. It is 1-1 and we have a game after all. From then on there are two shining starts in the fied. Messi is the virtuoso, and Iniesta is the work horse. Both play great moves, always forward. Barca can’t just finish a game even at home. There is huge whistling concert after Messi, on a break-out in the box, is denied a sure-looking goal attempt. Iniesta nearly scores after bold, strong run through the Atletico defense. Finally at 77 minues Messi scores. Easy-looking kick to the top of the goal from a perfect pass; the key is he is in the right place at the right time. I’m lucky to take a picture just a second before Messi touches the ball… In the final minutes he is close to scoring at least twice more.

At 2-1 we got what we expected. A good game with Messi-show in the second half and Messi scoring the game-winner.

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Back to back struggle

Returned with my son to Arena with yesterday’s training set still in the body. Took some on track time while he was playing floorball. Turns out former national marathon champion Marko Vaittinen is kicking a 20k test run. I join him for a 3k (Vaittinen 4-7k), find thinking I could do two of them. Clock stops at 10.11 and I’m done. Decide to try 2k but no way, try trail just four laps with the master, one mile at 5.24. Another break and finally 1k at 3.24. He can go to Rotterdam, I will need more miles…

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4 x 2k

6.46, unhealthy 6.51, 6.57, 6.54. Avg 3.27/km. I say this is clear progress with the heavy hitters. First two 1 min breaks, then maybe 1.5. Legs all good. Gym set also good. Tried to do maximum 1000m after the set but had to drop it at 500m. Slept also well, now feel energized with superhot Gabriella Cilmi playing in the background. Maybe I can still get into competitive running again…

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