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Training too much, too hard?

Feeling confident after recent great workouts thought I could repeat the 2-mile test run. Jogged maybe 45 mins to Munkka, cialis feeling tired and slow. Should I just pass it? Well, diagnosis here I am and so is the competition. First mile is slow, 5.24, matching my feelings. It should have felt like warming up but it wasn’t. I had no idea of the pace, hoped it to be much faster. Second one I am able to pull a bit to have a decent 5.13 and 10.37 finish. Four secs quicker than last time (today there was more wind), also only four behind the leader (same guy, last time 15). But I did not feel good. Not at all. I didn’t feel flying like I should. On the way back I struggle more and a terrible thought surfaces: have I overtrained already?!

* * *

Looking back I’ve done very high quality six days between the two mile tests. I haven’t run any fillers, just long ones and hard ones. I count three long ones: 25K, 20K and 20K (also today). Two hard ones (6 x 1K and 4 x 2K) in addition to the two milers. Total is about 90 km which is a lot to me. And it actually started a week or two earlier. No wonder I’m feeling tired.

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Long one and 4 x 2K

Yesterday pretty long one. Took 1.48 to run along Espoo coastline up to Kaitaa and back. Nice weather. Slow speed, there legs felt tired.

Today 4 x 2K clockwork at home route: 6.34, find 6.35, 6.34 and 6.34. 1 min breaks. This workout was definitely needed to get things improved. It didn’t feel fast but at the end of the last one I had to push quite hard.

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More hard workouts

Tonight 6 x 1K at home route, viagra sale a sort of season opening. Surprisingly great set: 3.08, 3.04, 3.07, 3.06, 3.08, 3.03. Avg 3.06! Normal 1 min breaks. Looking back, I did the same level pretty much exactly 2 years ago. Except that right now I’m doing probably less than 50 km per week…

Yesterday tried 2 mile test in Munkkiniemi. Did 10.41. First mile 5.09, second burned down at 5.32 during which I lost like 15 secs to the guy I just won a bit more than a week ago in the half. Today that 2 mile didn’t feel at all so I should have done much better second mile. Maybe I should try next 1500m on track, 2K repeats and a longer test run somewhere.

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Siikava test 12.49

Quite decent run. Halves in 6.17 and 6.32. Took clear hit during the return, doctor which can be credited to no hard workouts. Anyway, this was better than last year (12.53) though still trailing 20 secs from the peak times in 2008 (12.28) and 2009 (12.29).

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Nice landing on track

Did this morning a 18k run along Espoo coastline. Great upspirit weather: temps going towards 20, view clear sky, stuff no wind. Didn’t feel so fresh after the half but as Matinkylä’s three-track field came by I couldn’t resist the temptation. Until today my season best was close to 3.10 from Arena. Now it stands at 2.59, mind 1! It feels always great after proving “I can still do it.” A quick analysis of the run confirms what I already know: I haven’t done any fast workouts. Legs hit the limit first. Filling in with acid all over in the final one hundred. Still, the last lap was pretty good at 70,8.

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