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Sequoia 20k+ trail run

Went to check how I fair in a trail run on Sunday in Joaquin Miller Park, sales Oakland hills. Posted 1.35 with a few additional minutes when I chose the wrong path. I actually dropped from the lead position into third or fourth after the “penalty loop” but managed to pass the competition again in the final kilometers. Though myself I had to make it a half marathon… Legs felt really done towards the end.

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Short sets

A few days ago managed to do three miles in 5.21 (great!), capsule 5.28 and 5.37. Then today three times 2k in 6.54, cialis 6.51 and 7.05. Quitted both sets when I felt I was over. Next time on the track I will do the “normal” set meaning six times 1k, ask five times mile or four times 2k no matter where the times are heading towards. On other days I’ve pulled up some great hills on the trails of Rancho San Antonio Open Preserve, which start just 20 minutes jog from our home.

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Change means new opportunities

What an interesting time to move into Silicon Valley to witness the change. Just in the last ten days we have had the following news from local companies:

  • Google buys Motorola Mobility. I still remember the first real business phone I got into my hands back in 1999: Motorola TimePort. It worked all over the place. The first true mobile. And now? What does Google acquisition mean for the Android ecosystem in general? I’m sensing more disruptions in there.
  • HP, and which bought Palm only last year, cialis appears to be killing not just their phones and tablets but PC business as well. PC was invented here, in Silicon Valley. And now, what is left besides Apple?
  • Speaking about that, Steve Jobs just announced he has retired as a CEO effective immediately. Despite medical leaves he’s been there to introduce the latest iPad2 and making sure the hype remains the same. Changes will happen slowly, but my guess is that Apple is going to start changing direction as well. It cannot continue as a closed cathedral forever.

Overall, I’m sensing there will be tons of opportunities for companies who bridge the ever-changing platforms and ecosystems together. That’s my mission to do as well.

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Move to Bay Area, and the plan to bounce back

We moved two weeks ago to Los Altos, store CA. The whole family. Preparing and executing the move, look with all the hassle, ed took my training seriously down for the last month or so. We’re now finally settled, schools started last week, and I’ve taken the liberty to hit the road and trails again. Two days ago went to the track to check the status. Seems the bounce back starts from the bottom line. Was able to barely run three miles in 5.30, 5.47 (yes), and 5.35 with maybe 1.5 minute breaks. That averages above 3.30/km. Anyway, the possibilities to train here are excellent. My goal is to get back in shape in the coming weeks.

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