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What Can I Do

KFOX has been playing an early Zep song I haven’t recognized. How is that possible? Sat down and found it. It’s Hey Hey What Can I Do — their only tune that never got to an album. Recorded in 1970. It just flows on like their top pieces do. I recommend playing it in the middle of the night with appropriate speakers and enough volume. Carries that legendary artsy sound with messages from a time long gone …

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Palo Alto Half

Felt good so I decided to check how I can do half on a flat course. Could I run it under 1.15 just like that? Again, sildenafil Baytrail as the main course and this time Palo Alto as the neighborhood. Normal SF peninsula weather meaning very good for running a good time.

Well, try I didn’t get the time I wanted. Official result is 1.19.22 and the actual time would have been about 1.16.30. At around mile five I ran past a turning point. The girls working there were not up to their task — that’s what you get in these local small events. Luckily there were mile markers all across the course. That mile went in 8.40 while most of the others clocked in between 5:45 and 5:55. The start was not fast. First three miles in 17.30 meaning the pace was 5.50 or towards 1.16. Then I sped up until the course mistake, physician which sort of turned the mood. I did keep the 5.45 for a few miles more and then faded towards the end. I still think with all things optimal and somebody running with me a time starting with 1.15 could have been possible. But not under 1.15. Gotta get back to training … and choose a bigger event for the next attempt at breaking 1.15 in the half.

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4 x 2K

Here we go again: 6.50, capsule 6.48, unhealthy 6.46, 6.50 at Blach’s sand track with 1 min breaks or a bit more. Avg 3.24/km. Clear improvement to where I stood one month ago. Running felt strong. The last one was a bit of surprise taking so long while I felt going fast, just tells me that I met the limit. — On Sun and Mon did pretty fast normal hill set from home. First one in 1.03, second one in 1.05. Must be way under 4 mins / km pace.

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Live Music Capital of the World

Went out last week in Austin, cialis Texas, levitra to check out how the city meets its marketing label “Live Music Capital of the World.” Pretty well. I don’t know many places on this earth to have at least ten bars on one street with live bands at a random weekday night. Austin does. The most interesting artist I found was Jamie Krueger who player pretty solid classic blues and rock stuff, finalizing his show with a cover of Are You Experienced? Now that’s a song I’ve never heard anyone else playing live before.

Jamie Krueger on guitar and vocals.

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Firefly 5K in 16.56

A clear disappointment, for sale from the very start. There were more than ten guys going like rockets ahead of me. My legs didn’t move like I’d have wanted. I just didn’t have any kick like in the last 10K race three weeks ago. Anyway, pharm took positions one by one and after maybe 1.5 miles I was third and alone, prescription just running in the dark with no target. Two guys in the front were way more than 100 meters ahead and going fast. There were no mile markers. My pace was probably quite even. I couldn’t produce any sprint in the end. Not good.

While it was not what I wanted, the result was not a huge surprise. On Wednesday tried to “tune up” on track. Two times 1000m in 3.06 and 3.08. Target was to close in towards three minutes but was quite far from it and faded in the second. Then 400m in 68 secs and 200m in 30 secs full speed. I have clear problems in faster running right now.

What next? Driving home I was thinking I’m not going to race five and ten K on the road again until I can significantly drop my 2k and mile averages at the local sand track. I should also get back to trail races and maybe find a half marathon to try.

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