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5000m on track in 16.36

At Los Gatos All Comers. Exact time 16:36.63. One km splits 3.13, check 3.13, ailment 3.21, 3.27, 3.22. I was just gassed out in the middle. I thought 16.30 should have been piecemeal based on the latest 12 min test but no. Any explanations besides not being in the shape I hoped to be? There were a lot of people in the event and the race was run later than I anticipated so was in low energy. I got no pacemaking at any point. There was a group of guys who started sub 3.10 pace and I passed them one by one in the second half despite burning down. Last week went on the road in Lake Tahoe & Yosemite area so hadn’t done too much training either. On the other hand legs felt perfect.

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How sub 100hrs Taiwan trip affects running?

I was on Monday night at Foothill College’s track — the closest running location with lights — trying to do a sort of workout. Can’t believe how difficult it was. I was tired, seek legs aching, medicine nothing worked out. I ended up running a couple of 80 sec 400 meters… which were supposed to be 2Ks or miles. I kinda felt completely gassed out after 300 meters in each try.

Okay, check head to SFO and into Taiwan for three intensive business days. Just two 10 minute morning sessions on tread mill. Return tonight, Friday, meaning less than 100 hrs trip of which more than 24 hrs on the plane… On the way home driving 280 in the dark I kinda feel energized. Got a good sleep on the board China Airlines. Bone plays one Zep tune after another. Nikki Blakk freaks in and I make the decision. Pull out at El Monte exit and here we go again!

Change to shorts, check the places. Empty field. Bit chilly but bright, calm, Bay Area night, such a difference to the humid Taipei under smog. Here you can breathe, run as fast as you can. Main lights are out but it doesn’t matter. There’s enough to light up the track so I can see the seconds go on my stopwatch. Couple warm-up laps go fast, feels like sub 90 secs, easy. So easy. What should I do? Okay, let’s try 12 minutes tempo, the infamous cooper. And off we go. After a few laps I get the reminder I’m not in top shape, can’t just fly this out, although I have to say running feels good. Without much extra effort pretty much the same as the previous one, just a couple steps short of 3600m the watch beeps. Feels good. As an afterthought I could’ve probably done another one within 5 minutes. For the next time… now I gotta rush home to pack for the family mountain retreat.

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KP half in 1.13.59

I’ve seen that time before, case and it was back in 2006…. Official results of today’s race here. It was a great half marathon for me this sunny February morning in San Francisco. Simply stunning route around Golden Gate park and back & forth Great Hwy with Pacific on the side. No wind to speak of. Tons of participants and always somebody to chase or to run along.

My time means overall 3.30 per km pace, sovaldi sale which is pretty good. First nine miles in 5.33 per mile average pace, then started to fade mile by mile. Next ones went in 5.44, 5.48, 5.52 and the final 1.1 miles in 6.37(!). I had to let two guys pass in the final stretch but it was ok as the first one was Matthew Tompkins I trailed and edged in a 10K race back in the fall, and the second one Chikara Omine everyone cheered for by name during the course. My final position was 12th. A quick speculation says if I’d kept that 5.33 pace to the end I could’ve been close to PB. This time basically my back leg muscles kinda limited the speed and made sure I had no kick left. I had trained rather easy after the latest track workout I posted about. I’d definitely improve with more time on the track. Also, I have a lot of work to do with these legs before I can imagine of chasing a sub 2.40 in full marathon.

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