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2 x Cooper at Foothill

Back in the great Bay Area outdoors. Tonight 2 x 12 mins 3560m and 3550m the other way around at Foothill College’s track after dark. Maybe 5 mins in between or a bit less. Quite ok on wet track although a bit short of the target. I have both endurance and strength from the long runs over the hills but it shows that speed work is missing… I also kinda still feel jet lagged from the latest Asian trip.

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Running in Asia

On Tokyo stopover number two for the day. Delta turned back in the middle of Pacific after some A/C problems and canceled the flight for the day. I’m writing this from one of the Narita airport hotels …

Talking about Tokyo I had finally this week a hotel where I could try the most famous running locations. Previously been hitting the ground around a stadium near Shinyokohama or the concrete jungle in Shinagawa (can’t really run there) but this time around I was next to Chiyoda. First morning hit the road at 6 AM to run around the Imperial Palace. Did three laps in 1.01 total with last lap in sub 20 mins. Second morning even earlier went the other direction around the stadiums and Yoyogi park. Frustrating that the parks are closed. This ended up also as an over an hour long run.

Running in Tokyo is not the best in the world but the good news is that you can do it. Compare that to Beijing, cialis Seoul, viagra sale Shenzhen and Taipei where the only option I have opted for is treadmill. Reasons are rampant, seek definitely unhealthy air pollution and — especially in China — dangerously crazy traffic. Unfortunately I’m not a treadmill guy. I just can’t mentally do it. I probably did personal best in one shabby Shenzhen hotel during this trip clocking in 25 minutes of continuous belt hitting. Other attemps were between 12 and 15 minutes.

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Writing this on a stopover in Tokyo. I was here earlier this week a few days and took the following two pics from my hotel room that could be titled “Shades of Blade Runner”

Only Tyrell Corp’s pyramid is missing from the skyline

This was at the end of my bed. Had it been an unicorn…

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Marin County Half in 1.16.00

Ran Saturday morning Marin County Half, mind which ended up being a very competitive race against two other guys. First five miles on the road and the rest on trails where we got the gaps. Total climb 1500 feet which is like 450 meters. Taking into account the narrow trails and climb I’m really happy with the time. It was great weather, great scenery along China Camp area in San Rafael.

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Highs and lows — tempo on track

Just two nights ago ran a great 3600m training cooper on Los Altos High track. It was in the morning, click a bit windy but sunny. Tried 1000m test as a follow-up but burned in the last lap and finished with 3.05.

Today stopped by at Foothill College’s track on the way home and was going towards 3500m but stopped running at 9 mins mark as I couldn’t maintain the speed.

Such a difference. I’d certainly need to do two times 3600m twelve minute tempos in a row before getting to Bay to Breakers starting line … which is waiting just some six weeks ahead from now.

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