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Bay to Breakers 41.19

To the top of Hayes Hill in 15:21 with 5:43 avg pace and to the finishing line in 41:19 with 5:33 avg mile pace for the whole distance. I was 21st overall at top of the hill, mind 2nd in my age group, treatment and the position remained. One guy passed while I took one down as well. I did the hill fast as planned, check and it went great, leaving my group behind. Not many guys passed me afterwards. There was one group pulling ahead after 4 mile mark but I got them down before the finishing line except for one guy. Saw the pacific before 40 mins had passed, which felt good. Ended up winning my age group. For example Chikara Omine who narrowly beat me in the KP half was today over 1:20 behind. This was one of the best races I’ve run for a long time. Weather was great as usual.

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To Shorten My Pain

As a sort of lesson from today’s race I reminded myself the most important thing in doing the uphills is to win them mentally over. Next up is Bay to Breakers, sale which has one significant climb. I’m planning to face the uphill Marco Pantani style so there won’t be any speculation afterwards.

Marco, healing perché vai così forte in salita?
– Per abbreviare la mia agonia.

Pantani kicking the all-time record in 1997 Alpe d’Huez.

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Los Altos Hills Pathways 10K in 38.19

Back in Bay Area tried a local race in the morning. It was a really hard course with tons of steep up and downhills under punishing sunshine. As a prep had yesterday some 15 hours of flights and several more on a stopover. Still, sales the race went quite ok. Matthew Tompkins my old nemesis pulled away in the final uphill. One of his students had left us already a mile before so I ended up in the third place… In my normal form I should’ve carried the uphills home but today I did not. Maybe it was the flights, maybe I wasn’t just mentally tough. I ran one curve in a downhill wide and dropped my glasses after which the young guy left us, and just before the final stretch was taken to the side by one 5K lad I couldn’t pass…

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Running Shoe Weight and Performance

Did last Wed a 8K workout with Vane on Inva. Not that great, nurse just modest 3.45/km pace. Was too close to lunch.

Anyway, treatment after the run talked about shoe weights and how that affects your result. Vane was convinced 50g translates to approximately 1 second per km. Inspired from his tables here’s my gear as of today. All shoes are European size 42, US 8.5:

Shoe Weight Notes
Adizero CS 234g The winner. I’ve run probably the best races with these. Unfortunately they don’t do these any more… According to forums the replacement is Adizero Adios.
Adizero ? 252g Lacks cushion and form. For max 10K. Probably the model is Adizero RC, which they don’t make any more either. In the current lineup this would be Adizero Pro.
Adizero Boston 267g My default choice for races and fast training. Especially good for trail runs. Have one unused pair left.
Mizono Wave Elixir 6 278g Goettelmann sold these to me. Pretty good for trail training, but not the best racers.
Adidas Response Cushion 19 293g I’ve done most of my marathons with these or the previous version, including 2007 Chicago and 2010 Boston. Heavier than I thought.
Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 304g My latest grab from Goettelmann. Good for even asphalt runs. Again, the weight came as a surprise.

Does this mean I could have run e.g. Boston almost 2 mins faster with Adizero CS’es? Hard to believe. The longer the distance gets the more it also matters the shoe keeps on rolling and supports your form when your muscles start to fade. For example one reason I had hard times at Helsinki City Marathon in 2010 was too lightweight shoes (Nike Zoom Marathon) without appropriate support.

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Spring comes to Finland

Short trip to Finland ongoing. Been running pretty good. Early mornings 10K around Lauttasaari. Yesterday night tried Munkinpuisto 2 miles. It was great weather: clear skies, ambulance maybe +15 and no wind to speak of. Went alone in 10.36, viagra which is just a modest 1 second improvement over a year ago but it didn’t feel too hard. No idea of the split times. I should have better speed in the sleeve.

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