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Capped Black Mountain Top

Went up to the top in 55 and half and total 1.38. Surprisingly last time — back in March — it took longer. What a great feeling it makes to reach the top. Clear skies. Both Pacific and San Fransico skyline swimming in the morning rays. Getting down took time, viagra with leg muscles screaming for help after rather heavy load over the last few days. But it was all worth it.

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Back on trails and track

I’m happy to report to be back in the business of running again. It’s three long months since I seriously injured the right achilles and only now I can run hills and track again.

With some packed up extra enthusiasm I’ve tortured my leg muscles this week already with:

  • An hour on the Des Plaines River Trail in Chicago suburbs. A very picturesque exercise in light rain with fallen leaves all across the trail.
  • Back in Bay Area one and half hours getting to the top of PG&E trail and continuing out and back the new, check crazy steep Quarry Trail (interesting background info about the project here) up to Black Mountain Trail (but not to the top yet).
  • 2 x Cooper set at Los Altos High track in 3480m and 3450m. I’m like 100m behind compared to where I was six months ago. Well, back three months ago I’m pretty sure I could’ve done two times 3600m+ …
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