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NFL playoffs so far

Back in Finland I subscribed to NFL Game Pass. As a sort of outsider I watch the games from how the QB plays. Here’s what I’ve seen in the playoffs so far, sovaldi looking at the guys and teams I’ve followed in more detail:

Divisional round:

Kaepernick / 49ers

I developed a warm feeling towards Alex Smith because of the last year playoffs. “Alex Smith in the play of his life.” And he did play well the first half of this season as well, site before suffering something some other guy could have concealed. The first few games I saw Kaepernick it was obvious he does look more athletic than Smith, and thus physically more capable, but he looked to me also somewhat more insecure in his passing game. Either it works, or it doesn’t. So I couldn’t help but fear interception when the going gets rough, which is exactly what happened when the divisional game started! But Kaepernick came back and ran it even in the next drive, took control of the game and went to the record books. Let’s hope it works out next week again.

Peyton Manning / Broncos

Big name, but something did not tick there. He looked like playing okay but actually it was one of the worst performances of the year. Manning did nothing spectacular and did not drive it home even when he had the chance to do it in the extra time at least twice. In a way he looked like a 36-year old QB. Experience does not help you if you don’t have that sparkle in your game anymore.


RGIII / Redskins

Saw the game where RGIII got injured. What a uniquely multi-talented guy, who is so much fun to watch, but also what a major coaching failure. Why did RGIII play after he slip and hurt the knee at the end of the first half? I would have changed him right there. He just couldn’t run anymore, he clearly lost confidence with the injured knee. The result was not just lost game but a lost playmaker, medical operation, and negative publicity as well.

Luck / Colts

I was wathicn Indianapolis Colts games just because of him. Number one pick, from Stanford fame. Mixed feelings. Unlike RGIII, he sorta looked more like a rookie. At some points he played quickly and determined, like you expect a young guy play. At other points it looked like he did not really belong to the fast paced, aggressive NFL yet. Colts deserved to lose that wildcard game.

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Desert and hill

This week has brough in two highlight runs.

First one in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas. It was CES time of the year again and this time I wanted to get out of the buzz. Luckily I had met with Terho at Helsinki boarding. Picked him at from Luxor at 6:15AM Wed morning and we hit the trails when the sun was rising up. What a great scenery we had. The trails are so much better than running along the strip or around the casino block. However, no rx while some parts are really runnable and good, recipe other parts turned out to be too rocky or then the trails just faded away. This was especially true for trails getting closer to the mountain range. While wandering on nowhere without a trail I hit a cactus, cialis which gave some nice scars as a souvenir.

The second one was … yes, the classic Black Mountain Trail down from Stonebrook up to Montebello Road. This time uphill took 56.15, which is a lot, but the total time was 1.37. It kinda felt faster than the time shows. It must be the suffering leg muscles that slowed the climb. Before this run it was just the clafs, but now I have the muscles in pains all over…

Other runs include a 14K easy on Helsinki ice, another try at Red Rock Canyon bike trails (good surface) but now there was a storm coming and the wind was just too much. Tried also 2 x Cooper at Foothill College’s track under lights (now with $3 parking fee) but could not produce better than 3400m per stint meaning over 3.30/km pace. Felt pretty tired, both mentally and physically.

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Calfs are taking Arena-damage

Quick running update for the last week or so. On 30th did a great 10 x 1K with the usual suspects in Arena. Vane’s times here. I phased out in the last two ones, cialis which I did in 3.15 each. After this workout my calf were so stiff and worn out I took three days off… well, New Year’s eve took also it’s toll. Then two 10Ks and tonight 3 x mile in Arena 5.25, 5.26, 5.27. After the last one felt the calfs are still not okay so decided to keep it short to save them for the next week. The plan is to get to the great Nevada & Bay Area outdoors to collect some mileage.

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