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Wildcat Half in 1.35.25

A tough Brazen Racing’s race this morning in East Bay. Uneven ground, healing very sharp up and downhills totalling over 2.000 feet ascent made running every step at points a huge challenge. Only when strolling over Nimitz Way — along my old distance out & back loop some 12 years ago — did I hit a sub 6 minutes per mile pace and developed gap to the #2 place finisher Keenan Byrne. What really made my day was perfect bay views and the sheer joy of discovering the final parts of the mountain range I had’t before entered into but just looked on the map for so many times over. A great event, with a nice award as well. Drove back stopping by at Pleasant Hill Fleet Feet to pick a pair of Saucony Mirages.

The day before a reprise of the other part the range. All the way up in 35 mins and total was about 1.05 back at Lone Oak Rd parking.

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Warriors Can Get Further

DE-FENCE! DE-FENCE! What a thrilling atmosphere at Oracle Arena on Game 6 in something called at as “the franchise’s most important game in more than three decades”. It was also my first ever NBA playoff game seen live. No matter the result this young team played great and showed a lot of talent all over the season. After seeing so many of their games games I’m starting to know how each one in team plays. They just became my favorite team for the next season. A championship challenger? No doubt about that one.

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Sports in Pacific Northwest

Been this week in Seattle. Yesterday around 20K in Discovery Park. Three loops and beach stint around the lighthouse. Pretty nice scenery towards the ocean front. This morning just around 10K along the downtown shoreline pavements.

The biggest sports news around here must be Sonic’s failed NBA bid. I’ve always liked the name SuperSonics, pilule it sounds so cool. I can’t believe how they lost the team in the first place. This is not a small town. — It was kinda adding to the tragedy to see Kevin Durant miss last night his equalizing jump shot at the final seconds of game 5 and see Oklahoma get out of the playoffs. How’s that for a fate?

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Changing of the Guards?

Over two months from the last update. Let’s see it through sports.

I first had a major training slump probably because of first ever overtraining. What I thought over the two to three weeks — when I couldn’t even sleep — was that I’m old. I’m worn out.

Came April, sale started to run again bit by bit. Had a great couple of runs in California. First a memorable 2.02 effort around Torrey Pines. Then 1.40 okay Black Hill Mnts climb and a pretty good 34.48 10k at Seal Beach. Well, that looked promising.

Back in Finland both work and house remodeling projects hit my free time. Did however a “normal” Länsiväylä in 1.01.57. In 2007 I ran it in 1.01.18, in 2008 1.01.43 and in 2009 1.02.21 so it was pretty much okay. However, I finished with left calf so much worn out it still hasn’t recovered over the last 1.5 weeks. I have run just one time a 5k easy jog after the race. Yes, I’m getting old. Any injury gets more serious the more miles you have.

Talking about reference points I witnessed the major, dramatic achilles injury of the year at the Lakers home game against Warriors. A great game, and great plays. I saw Kobe Bryant, I saw Steve Nash, I saw Pau Gasol. When I went in it was my great idol Nash practicing three pointers. It looked good. But at the end it was just practice on empty court. Then we had the game. It was good, what a rally from behind. But Kobe was down, time and again. Worn out. Still fighting. Coming back and getting the game even. Until it hit the third and last time…

Kobe will come back just like I did. He just won’t be any younger.

Looking back it looks like the changing of guards for Lakers and I feel like I’m in that old point guard category myself as well. Getting age, achilles and other parts broken, being benched more and more often…

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