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Feeling the Progress in the Veins

The last two weeks I’ve been really progressing with getting back into shape. I can sort of feel and see it in my veins. Getting thinner, viagra fitter, see better, faster.

Monday last week decided to try Otaniemi track and managed a 2.59,6 1.000m. Speed check — ok. A few days more I was with old pals Vane and Mankku at Lepuski Inva for 2 x 2K in 6.33 and 6.34. The latter one I dropped like 50m from the guys. Then 2 x 1k in 3.06 and the latter I had to quit at 500m.

Just another Warriors fan finishing Länsiväylä here.

Move on a few more days I can see after morning coffee somebody draw a white line on the footpath just across our new home. Turns out this is the day for Länsiväylä, the legendary 17K+ spring race. I was among the last to register on race day. Did ok start, led at 4K point, passed the new home. Then felt it burning, dropped down to sync with women leaders… finished in 1.03.58 the slowest Länsiväylä I’ve ever done in 9th position. Ok training in perfect weather.

Two more days and I’m running 8K meaning 3.5 laps around Grani’s 2.3K trail. This time leading Vane and Mankku in 29.56 or so meaning about 3.45/km on uneven terrain.

Next up is Tiomila somewhere around Vaxjö, Sweden. My first ever. Representing Tio Rättens Män after my old man Justice Välimäki withdrew from the all-lawyer team whose name he invented back in the day. The guys called me the other day and I got promotion to the first leg after they read my Länsiväylä performance, which I thought to be subpar, but sank in for them. Not bad. I think I am ready.

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Up to speed

Something happened over the last week. I think the key was Lasse winning NYC Marathon ticket and the weather turning into spring mode. Wanted to show a proof to myself I can still hit it after a long hiatus and leg issues. Went to home 1K stretch to learn the basics. First time 2K in 6.41 and that was it. Couldn’t even start the second one. Two days after 6.39 and 6.33. No more, nurse third one had to quit. Then a 8 minute push around Mankkaa Golf Course, pilule with half point reached in 6.30, but not able to complete yet. Now the other day a single 1K in 2.59,5! Also a sprint on top of Vehkamäki in 49,7. At least reasonable speed is still there. The rest is just hard work.

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