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10K Midnight Run 35.15

I’m okay with the result which proves I’m pretty much in 35 mins shape. Somehow feels like fall 2011 again. Couldn’t run basically anything during the week because of numerous leg problems. On top of it all woke up Sat morning with a huge cramp in left calf. “This was it!” I thought. Could however make it to the starting line and the opening strides felt better. No major pains. I wanted to give it a shot for 35 mins.

Gunned out, see the fastest guys left me in dust. Settled for the approx 3.30/km pace which felt surprisingly fast. I just couldn’t imagine going any faster. Was leading a pack at 4K point when I got sticky pain in left knee and had to limp a few steps and settle to cruise behind the leaders. Luckily it faded away over the next km. But then after 6km or so started to feel the hip, healing calf and overall fitness. Also the knee “came alive” once in a while. Anyway at 9km had 3.18 left to finish in 35 sharp. I felt pretty confident I could make it. Upped the pace, went to lead a pack again feeling strong. I think I even developed some gap. But then like 300m from the finishing line my legs and shape just gave away. Four or five guys passed by and I kinda gave mentally up. It was my slowest km of the day in 3.37 and 15 secs past the target. (The pack leader clocked in 35.03).

Limping to the metro station to see Finland — USA basketball game it was clear to me it was max effort tonight.

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Training to the physical limit

Pretty good week behind except for the growing pains and problems with legs. First two times PG&E trail in 1.04 and 1.03. Then some more trails in Southern Cal and a 30 mins stint on Santa Monica beach. Back in Finland first a very good rolling half an hour run with two home hill replays in 50.9 and 49.9. Today was having then pains all over but managed to still do 4.54 in the 1.5K route between Leppävaara and Kilo amidst a 15K total (see some previous times here). The leg problems include achilles, click knee and hip — all on the left side. Today also developed increasing pains in the right groin, rx which got likely hurt in the yesterday’s fast hill repeats. The good news is that I fell overall being in a much better shape than just a week or two ago.

It will be an interesting week ahead. Two major sporting events wait on Saturday. First Helsinki Midnight Run gunning out at 21:15 with my goal at a sub-35 mins run and then Finland — USA in Basketball World Cup at 22:30.

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Summer running wrap-up

Not much development, sildenafil kind of trying to defend the fitness level from dropping too much. Back in July drove back to Riihimäki to stop the clock in 4.34 (approx split) as part of a 4 x 1500m relay. Legendary Keskari was under construction. In Lauttasaari the 350m track was already rebuilt. Stopped by on the way to work to clock in a 3.00 in 1000m. One night at home 1K 3.08, 3.12, 3.12 and 3.14 in light rain with long pants. Spirits were high but physically felt just somehow heavy. Late July tried 10K race in Iitti-hölkkä. Started out ok with about 17.20 at 5K point but then faded to 36-something. That one was a hot day. One more night in August tried another 1.500m in 4.40, then a 6x1K set at home route in 3.15 avg and yesterday Siikava test in 12.53 (splits 6.19 and 6.33). Oh, and managed to pull Kauniainen 2.3K path under 8 minutes in 7.57. — I have had all along issues with the left leg including achilles, knee and hip. You name it.

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