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All Star Splash Brothers

It is now official — we have two Warriors in the all star game! This has been ultimately the best season so far since I turned into a Warriors fan sometime in 2011. We are all waiting for the playoffs now and I’m wearing a Splash Brothers t-shirt.

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3 x mile in Arena

It is almost two years from the last time I was running in Esport Arena and track repeats in the first place. Went there tonight out of the blue while the kids played tennis. I was painfully slow. Clocked in 5.32, hospital 5.34 and 5.38 with 1 minute breaks. Avg 3.29/km. Was hoping for at least four repeats taking into account the great trail run less than two weeks ago. But tonight I just ran out of legs, lower back (in curves) and time. Perhaps reached an overall personal low.

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Half in Woodside 1.31

Good running and occasional tennis to mix with in the US over the past two weeks. Ran a pretty good Crystal Springs half in Woodside last Sunday. Official results say the time was 1.33 something but my own stopwatch clocked in 2 mins faster. It was overall a very positive run taking into account no pacemaking and I hadn’t been running much for some time. The previous week started with the 13-mile scenic drive in Red Rock Canyon. From highway to highway in 1.28 and total 15-mile something loop was like 1.44 if I recall it right. — My tennis is far from running at this point.

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