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Midnight Run 34.47

The best race of the year. Went out pretty much to the limit hitting the first half in 17.00. Then the group I was running in spread out and I had to do all the pacemaking after that. Two guys passed close to the finish making it 18th place in a field of 11.000 something… Actually the second half went like last year. — Our Tuxera team did also well with 9 guys total making it. Next year, viagra same time, same place.

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Left knee giving signals

Have taken it easy this week. Last night sprinted on top of Visamäki in 47.3 — a new PB. During warmup I felt something is not right in the left knee. Must be the result of the long asphalt run last weekend. Today I feel like the knee is not bending 100%. Let’s hope I can get it in shape before the run, malady which starts less than 48 hrs from now.

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Long one to Biltema and back

Ran today to Biltema in Espoonlahti and back with a plastic bag full of bicycle parts. Must have been 25K level stuff. It took over 50 minutes per set totalling like 1.52 with a few mins of messing up the course somewhere around Nöykkiö — both ways. Obviously I’m not yet familiar with the street layout far beyond Suomenoja.

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Another 4 x 2K

Same set as two weeks ago or so: 6.37, tadalafil 6.39, ask 6.41 and 6.42. So a bit faster, sub 3.20/km avg. This time in the morning sun and shade, +20, no wind. Only eight nights to Midnight Run left. — Last week in Bay Area did two times PG&E trail in 1.04 and 1.06.

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4 x 2K

Pretty good repeats at home 1K: 6.36, advice 6.40, 6.44 and 6.40. First two with 1 minute break, the last one with 2 mins. Late at night, no wind, temps around +20. Great conditions overall just before the dark. Huge improvement from June.

Yesterday long one taking over 1.40 total so must have been like 25K+. One day before tried the max at 1000m on Otaniemi track. Disappointing 3:00.5. Need to try it again in a week or so.

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