Summer running wrap-up

Quite similar summer compared to last year. Occasional training, just a few random competitions. Season started in April with Kormu Run half marathon in 1.19.14. Then again Iitti hölkkä in July clocking in at 35.54, which is almost identical to 2015. Tried a few times to break 3 mins barrier in 1.000m without success so far. A couple weeks ago managed 3.00,1 which means I need to hit the track again. Today a couple 2K repeats at home course in 6.45 and 6.49, then felt energies down. The best one so far has been three repeats in 6.45 or 3.22/km avg pace. The one competition left and main goal of the season is the same as two past years: Midnight Run 10K, three weeks from now.

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