Trading places in professional sports

This time last week the biggest Bay Area sports news was Monta Ellis trade. I was lucky to see Monta’s last home game as a Warrior with my son. It was one of the good games where Monta produced and Warriors took it home agains Mavericks. The previous game I saw with my daughter they handed out Monta Ellis signs for everyone to cheer with. Now the number one guy is gone, traded away. How can a franchise do that? Obviously the fans are still angry about the trade.

Today we got the more positive news Alex Smith has finally signed with the 49ers. After the playoffs I think his star started to really shine here. I remember listening to the feed from the Bone of the game where he made it:

Alex Smith in the play of his life..!!

A couple nights ago I was at our kids’ school fundraising event where they sold framed and signed 49ers pics featuring Smith’s run and Vernon Davis’s catch at the final moments of the game against Saints. Having another QB after that game just wouldn’t have made any sense, no matter how the team will perform next year and no matter if it’s all just business like they say.