The State of Running

This season was shorter than anything for years. I signed up for Kormu Run but didn’t participate because of schedule conflicts. Went to Länsiväylä for fun and clocked in 1.05:12, which is like 4 minutes away from my best years. Nothing in the summer really. Also my TomTom doesn’t have much training notes to speak of.

Finally came September and Midnight Run. After two weeks of improvised training pulled up 36:16 which I was very happy with. I totally maxed out going 17:51 the first half and then slowly burning towards the end. The main goal was to beat Tuxera lawyer-at-the-time Jussi Honkasalo, which I did with +30 secs gap…

Last week I had a plan to get together with Vane for “the run of the year” but we had to postpone for next week and 2019… The Christmas run was 14K and on the second Christmas day made a 15K in Lahti, which may have been one of the longest of the year, at least in the top 5.

I don’t have any major goals in mind for 2019. Except Red Rock Canyon awaits 10 days from now or so and after that, unless there is NFL or skiing, I might do something in the Bay Area.