Nokia 8.1 — Expect More

Here is a screenshot from taken a moment ago:

I got my Nokia 8.1 pretty much one month ago. After unboxing it looked like a quality product. A bit heavy but sturdy design. Legendary Nokia logo, Android One, and big Zeiss lens at the other side.

Here’s the top 3 issues over the past month:

  • Bluetooth sync does not work with Tesla. Half of the calls go like on mute.
  • Notch is buggy. Several apps mess it up.
  • Charging plug is buggy. It didn’t always work and today it stopped charging altogether. I did emergency migration to old Zenfone 3 over the last one hour before the battery drained out.

I’ve used a bunch of Android phones over the past seven years or so. Including three Sonys, two from ASUS and one Samsung and Pantech each. Never had issues at this level before. As a conclusion I expect much more.