More miles.. but no shoes

Two nights ago 14K via Munkka, Meilahti, Töölö & Ruoholahti. Last night a modest 6K.

Yesterday I also tried to find new racing shoes – in vain. The local stores in Helsinki seem to stock only shoes for runners with pronation problems. I’ve tried such unbalanced crap once. It almost killed my knees. I really need good old-fashioned and light-weight racing shoes since I use them in daily training as well, at least once a week. Optimally, I’d run without any kind of shoes on golf courses but what can you do without a green card….

3 thoughts on “More miles.. but no shoes”

  1. I’ve now run a few months with Nike Air Skylons and been very happy with them. They are really neutral with no pronation support whatsoever. Perfect for my narrow and fairly high foot. I will probably accompany them with a pair of Nike Free’s soon. They should be the closest thing to bare-foot running you can get.

    New Balance should also have models for neutral feet. Megasport at Erottaja has a good selection of them so you might want to pay them a visit. They also have a threadmill at your disposal so you can actually try different models in action before the purchase.

  2. Oh yes, and about the Skylons: Ville Hautala told me this summer that Jussi Utriainen ran Stockholm marathon with a pair of them so they should really be light enough for faster running as well.

  3. I’m running primarily on Skylons at the moment. They are the best shoes for hard road and normal training pace I know of. InterSport in Kaisaniemi dumped those for 49 EUR just a month ago.

    What I’m looking for, however, are more low-profile and even more light-weight shoes. I want better touch on the road. I had an old pair of some Reebok racing model but those were totally worn out after the 1/2 so I had to trash them.

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