Trial by Press

Yesterday I filed three complaints on the Finnish electronic voting fiasco to the Helsinki Administrative Court. We demand new elections. About 2% of votes cast were not counted because of technical and usability errors. The complaint was mainly organized by Electronic Frontier Finland and I just took the public spot for being the counsel.

A critical issue in this kind of case has been winning the press coverage. Luckily our opponent, the ministry of justice, has not to this date acknowledged that they failed. Arrogantly, they have blamed the voters. Continuous requests by press corps have made them stop commenting on the issue anymore. My interpretation of their message was “sue us” or we do not do anything. So we sued.

In Finland some call you “top lawyer” when TV cameras are running when you file or receive papers from a court. This is what I kind of achieved yesterday. The leading newspaper Helsingin Sanomat published my opinion the other week, and this morning their editor calls for new elections based on our claims.

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