Fall wrap-up: Midnight Run 36.07, thinking about the next steps

Did some 2K repeats a month before midnight run but then caught cold and had to take off like two weeks just before the race. Got into ok condition for the night and managed to pull out a bit over 36 mins time. It was the best I could have done in any condition on that day though I did spend a few secs, maybe 10-20 total, going a couple corners wide.

After that didn’t really do anything for a few weeks. Then went on to try 2K repeats with Vane on Silkkiniitty. Managed to do just two of them with around 7 mins times and was completely down at the end… Went back to distance training completing a week ago 2hrs run + 1.5 hrs road cycling (from home to Hirsala cottage and back). Then two nights ago 8K on Grani’s 2.3K trail a few secs sub 32 mins with old buddies Vane and Mankku setting the pace. Great to see the guys going on year after year. I’m actually not too far behind.