Revving up again…

Last week went over rather quickly. Only 36K total if I calculated it correct. One 12K sightseeing around Haukilahti, then three days off in a row, and finally 4K and 10K over the weekend. I had just a bit too much lecturing and real estate deals going on. This week started out much more consistent. Monday 14K and yesterday the oldie goldie 10K. Coming up soon some speeding & distance.

Enter Riutta

Yesterday 10K around Westend and back, kind of sightseeing tour. Today 20K half of which in Riutta’s legendary 2.5K hilly route. Rounds were around 11.07, 11.34, 10.55 and 11.24 – not that constant speed. Riutta always kind of surprises, it’s so far from ballgames. Overall, I think my training is slowly leveling up.