Travelling salesman

Chamonix today.

When I was in the Finnish army, some 12+ years ago, I once did a pretty lengthy one-day trip. Woke up in Riihimäki, my hometown, very early in the morning. Got to the airport, flew one hour to Rovaniemi up north, where I took a bus to the garrison in Sodankylä, one more hour further north. Signed in and out, 15 minutes total, and then back the same way down (there was a maximum limit for the length of holiday, which you could not exceed, you had to sign in & out in between). I was home at about 21. At that time I thought this would be my record one-day trip for a long long time.

In fact, it was. But now that I’ve sometimes taken talking-head assignments way too far, that old record no longer holds. I have a strong feeling I did my questionable personal best today… Woke up in Espoo at 5:30, bus to the airport, flight to Geneva. Bus to Chamonix, give my talk, eat, another taxi, and return the same way backwards. At home just before the midnight.

I’ve sometimes wondered if my work differs much from a travelling salesman.