Power song!

Thanks to Mika, my iPod can now empower me with the classic Urheiluruutu-theme from the 1980s! (Leevi and the Leavings: Tuhannen markan seteli). – I had a chat some 6-7 years ago with the guy from the Finland’s national broadcasting company responsible for replacing the classic. It was replaced by this guy’s own inferior composition. He apologized and I think it was sincere. The broadcasting company was about to save costs.

Who would join me if we’d start a campaign to put Leevi back in Ruutu!? Start with collecting names on the net etc.

Run today was 13K meaning 69K for the week. Last month c. 300K.

An orphan work on copyright

Made a major scanning and now I have important news for this blog’s Finnish readers: here’s a pdf-copy of T.M. Kivimäki’s seminal treatise on copyright. I have no idea who is the book’s current copyright holder. It was published in 1948 and has been out of print (and out from most libraries) for ages. However, I recommend everyone to take a look at the contents of the book. The main principles of copyright are clearly explained. Kivimäki himself thought that the essence of copyright is actually the inalienable personal side (“author’s rights”), not the economic components. A point worth thinking about when the so-called copyright industry keeps on claiming property-like ownership to human culture.

Handball victory to my hometown!

My hometown team Riihimäen Cocks finally won the national championship in handball tonight. Unfortunately I couldn’t get to see the game since my wife is sick and I’m taking care of the kids. Too damn bad.

Ok, I don’t know this team and I’m reading it’s based on Estonian purchases. The team I knew had local guys like AP Tuomi in the lead. I think it’s over 5 years I’ve seen their match for the last time.

Anyway, this is a remarkable night! The city of Rihimäki used to have two national-level sport teams: one in handball and one in Finnish version of baseball. Some fifteen years ago the baseball francise was “sold out” and pretty soon it was all bankrupt. But handball had a different philosophy and the game lived on. It had roots. I can still remember Cocks trainees doing these recruiting visits to our school every year back in the days… and the deep-voiced principal of our high-school was well-known for being a leading silver-winning player back in the 70s…

The kids are asleep. My only option is to be awake and check the summary on national TV2 after mignight.