Kormu Run 1.18.58

Picture: Matti Koljonen

Opened laptop yesterday morning around 9:45am. It was a sunny morning and I thought to check it out if there would be any running event my son could participate in. Found out there is something called Kormu Run. Took a look at the course map … what?! My old training course on the fields somewhere between Riihimäki and Loppi. When is this event going to happen? About an hour from now. Let’s focus. I can still make it. I must do this! Tried to talk my son to come as well but had to get out on my own. Threw sneakers in the trunk and off I went 10:02.

Tesla says I would be there 10:58. It’s really nice sunshine, dry road, 105.7 KOZZ-FM … I can make it bit sooner than that. After some high energy highway driving and shortcut through Herajoentie arrive at 10:41. That was pretty good. Ask if I can park near the start and it is okay. Get my number, change to racing shoes and I have still like 8 minutes to warm up. I feel pretty good about it all.

The race itself starts out nice. Legs feel good. I can still remember all the scenery, all the dirt roads, every curve. It all looks the same except for maybe a few new houses. I ran with Finnish 24h ultrarunner #2 from about 3km to half way when he finishes. There was one more guy maybe 1 minutes ahead of us but he finishes half distance too. It feels pretty easy until say 15-16km mark from where my leg muscles start to signal poor training background. Still manage to keep the pace even and cross the finish line in 1.18.58 which I think is a pretty decent effort.

Talk with some local guys who were helping to put the event together. Back home around 13:35. Compact trip. Good, uplifting feeling.