Next step: Marathon

Ok, to get some more life into this blog I thought I’ll start posting my training notes here. A week ago I ran a 1/2 marathon just under 1.20 and some three weeks ago a 10K (possibly not exact) under 34 minutes. Both with minimal preparation and training: these were in fact the first running competitions in five years I participated into! Also, I haven’t kept any notes of my runs since 1999. My grand aim is now to do a marathon within a year. I believe something between 2.40 and 2.45 should be possible. Location? I’ve been fancying about New York but Berlin could be a lot faster.

One thought on “Next step: Marathon”

  1. Crap, and I thought I’d be the best runner in OSSI project 🙂 I’ll try to stay in the forests most of the time, though, but there’s nothing for keeping your speed up like a good road running competition. 37:45 on a 1/4-marathon in not-so-flat terrain (half asphalt, half gravel) probably tells quite well about my current form. But 1/2-m under 1.20 without decent training? Man, you’re on a wrong career…

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