Something to study

Ok, something else in the mid of all that running crap.

First, the next morning we’ll meet Helsinki city’s IT chief. On the table is the idea that the city would support / fund a municipal wifi initiative. I’ve heard the guys here are not that supportive to the idea but we’ll see… I hope there will be at least some sort of study of wifi’s possibilities.

Second, I noticed that the local TV news finally found out that the EU is proposing that car registration taxes should be zero. As someone who has imported two cars with crazy 100-150% import taxes I really love the idea. Finnish tax policy has been in this regard unsound, based on the 1970s principles of local transport industry protection without taking into account neither the EU economic policy (free movement of goods & people) or environmental policy for that matter. Maybe I should try to publish some sort of critical primer for the Finnish “tax professionals” about the whole tragedy.