More miles.. but no shoes

Two nights ago 14K via Munkka, Meilahti, Töölö & Ruoholahti. Last night a modest 6K.

Yesterday I also tried to find new racing shoes – in vain. The local stores in Helsinki seem to stock only shoes for runners with pronation problems. I’ve tried such unbalanced crap once. It almost killed my knees. I really need good old-fashioned and light-weight racing shoes since I use them in daily training as well, at least once a week. Optimally, I’d run without any kind of shoes on golf courses but what can you do without a green card….

Espoo during the day

Today I took some hours off work and tried the Espoo central park for the first time in my life! The 4.3K route was a positive surprise: it’s really in the forest with only some distant car noise coming off from Länsiväylä and Turuntie. Total of around 10K, not that hard running.