This week is tiring indeed… tonite I’m awake only in the name of some excellent Kenyan coffee (from the always reliable Tehuset in Lund, Sweden). So… the last two nights counted for the regular 10K each plus this morning some more tennis. I was tallying 5-2 before the bell rang.

Second week 51K

Cold fact, no more than that. Last friday I did a 14K, then two times 10K over the week-end. Tonite will be nothing, I’m just caring our children… Ok, today I also bought a Wilson nCode Six-one. The next game is on wednesday morning.

More miles.. but no shoes

Two nights ago 14K via Munkka, Meilahti, Töölö & Ruoholahti. Last night a modest 6K.

Yesterday I also tried to find new racing shoes – in vain. The local stores in Helsinki seem to stock only shoes for runners with pronation problems. I’ve tried such unbalanced crap once. It almost killed my knees. I really need good old-fashioned and light-weight racing shoes since I use them in daily training as well, at least once a week. Optimally, I’d run without any kind of shoes on golf courses but what can you do without a green card….