Hitting the HK Trail

When air quality indexes hit well below 50 and went green this Sunday morning I took the chance to find out what HK Trail looks like. First time I run outside in Greater China and it was well worth it. Started out from Wan Chai, went up Kennedy Road — Bowen Road — Wan Chai Gap — Coombe Road — Barker Road (turned back at some point) — Peak Road — then down on Aberdeen Reservoir Road — back up HK Trail — and down Wan Chai Gap Road. Took like 1.5 hours total. Distance maybe 15K due to very hard uphill and downhill, including stairs where running was really tough. Great scenery and visions to both sides, HK Bay & Pacific. Gave the idea there is so much to see just in HK. You only need to win the perfect day and hit it out running. I didn’t see too many other runners, especially on hills and unpaved trail there was nobody in running gear. People do go out though, but mostly with kids and dogs.

— In other running related new the other day managed a full 1K at 3.00/km pace on Humble House treadmill in Taipei. Felt like I’m on the way to getting back in shape.