Next book in the works

I blogged already elsewhere on my new book on software law. Ok, actually it is a second revised edition, but to me it’s another new book.

The next one is already in the works. It will be about piracy. I will start roughly from home computers in the 1980s and the end in the PirateBay’s first instance judgment from Sweden and Finreactor-saga’s Supreme Court judgments from Finland. The book is not just about illegal copying but I will cover also cracking to some extent. I have no idea what the end result will look like. It may be legal, or more political. It will be in Finnish, and depending on the outcome I will continue with another — definitely more political — version in English.


By the way, the best book about the background of the recent piracy-related happenings in Sweden is Piraterna by Anders Rydell and Sam Sundberg. It’s main bias is a 100% Swedish-centric view of the earth — much like most American books on social and political issues. That said the book gave me an interesting “insider’s perspective” on how things have been going on there. I got the impression that most of the stuff they are famous for — Piratbyrån, The Pirate Bay, and Piratpartiet — share the common denominator they started as a sort of political response. Not from someone’s desperate need to share culture or experiment with new technology in the first place.

Also reading the book’s thesis that piracy will be Sweden’s major export for the information age gave me a backslash of how mobility was supposed to be Finland’s export… or hell, maybe it really came like that! Maybe we continue to get our content from a Swede-lead PirateBay ten years from now like we go with Nokia-phones today as we did in 1999?