1000m in 2.59,7

What makes this kinda big deal is I don’t have any records of going sub 3 minutes for over 5 long years! The last one is from April 2014. This time I really built it up. It all started after I tried 1k with no training more than one month ago at Otaniemi track and pulled 3.11. Some training, 5k on track in 17.38, and another trial at Otaniemi 3.02 about a week ago. I felt three mins was clearly under reach. A few repeats and a focused effort brought it home today at Kirkkonummi track. Based on how fast the first 600m went I could shave off still a few secs with some more training. Or alternatively shoot for a sub 4.30 in 1500m?

Riutta x 4

It says 2400 meters and based on TomTom the distance is about right.

Drove up to Riihimäki and the legendary Riutta trail the other day. This is the place where I developed my “light” stride back in the day… Snow is gone and the trail in good shape. Managed to pull four laps in very much the same time frame I was doing already 25 years ago. Roughly 11.20 per lap, plus minus five seconds. The first time I’m there with TomTom to confirm about 2400m distance and 50 meters ascent per round. In four laps that makes 200m total uphill. It does feel a bit tougher though because the uphills, while short, are pretty steep.

Giving Nokia a new chance

Got back to Nokia after a few weeks with the old Zenfone. I got an IT guy to fix the charging plug and Tesla bluetooth started having issues with other phones as well so the problem seems to be at the car’s end. Just the notch issue is left and I’m placing my trust to HMD guys that future software updates will fix it…

Nokia 8.1 — Expect More

Here is a screenshot from Nokia.com taken a moment ago:

I got my Nokia 8.1 pretty much one month ago. After unboxing it looked like a quality product. A bit heavy but sturdy design. Legendary Nokia logo, Android One, and big Zeiss lens at the other side.

Here’s the top 3 issues over the past month:

  • Bluetooth sync does not work with Tesla. Half of the calls go like on mute.
  • Notch is buggy. Several apps mess it up.
  • Charging plug is buggy. It didn’t always work and today it stopped charging altogether. I did emergency migration to old Zenfone 3 over the last one hour before the battery drained out.

I’ve used a bunch of Android phones over the past seven years or so. Including three Sonys, two from ASUS and one Samsung and Pantech each. Never had issues at this level before. As a conclusion I expect much more.